Prospective Students

Preparing for Your Stay in Japan

The following procedures must be taken before coming to Japan.

(1) Obtain a Passport

Passports are issued by the government in your own country, so you will not be able to leave or enter the country without one. If this is the first time for you to apply for a passport, you may require an entrance examination or university admission certificate, and your application may take some time to process. Please check what is required well before beginning passport application procedures. If certificates are required, please ensure that you mention this when you apply to Tokyo Tech.

(2) Obtain a Visa

International students at Tokyo Tech need to obtain a "Student Visa". When you first come to Japan, you must enter with a Student Visa. You can acquire a Student Visa by submitting a Certificate of Eligibility issued by the Japanese Immigration Office to a Japanese embassy in your home country. Applications for a Certificate of Eligibility can only be submitted by 1) a parent, sibling or spouse resident in Japan, 2) the provider of your scholarship, or 3) your academic advisor. (Note: The International Student Exchange Division submits applications on behalf of exchange students; Japanese Government (MEXT) scholarship students use a different process to acquire a visa.).

Changing the status of your visa from something other than a Student Visa (except for a Pre-college Student Visa or Dependent Visa) requires extremely complicated procedures and may be refused, so you are strongly urged to enter Japan with a Student Visa. It is entirely up to you whether you want to change your Dependent Visa to a Student Visa, but students with visas other than a Student Visa will not be regarded as International Students and will not receive the services provided only to International Students (for example, they are not eligible to apply for scholarships for international students).

(3) Accommodation

Students who do not receive a dormitory guide before their arrival in Japan cannot be accommodated in a dormitory. You will need to arrange for accommodation in Japan via your proxy or a international student of the same nationality residing in Japan before you arrive.


Admissions Division, Student Services Department