Prospective Students

Research Students (Privately Funded)

  • Enrollment
    Spring (April) / Fall (September)

  • Application Period
    Early to Mid Nov. / Early to Mid May

  • Notification of Result
    Late December / Late June


Research Student positions are for individuals wishing to conduct research at one of the Institute’s laboratories under the guidance of a faculty member. Research Students will not be able to obtain a degree at the Institute. To be eligible to apply, individuals must have sufficient academic ability to conduct research. Prior to submitting an application, individuals must contact their prospective academic supervisor and receive his or her consent. As a general rule, Research Students may not attend courses at the Institute. However, if their academic supervisor deems it necessary, they may do so upon approval of the course instructors. Please note that Research Students (Privately Funded) will incur charges for the application, enrollment, and tuition fees.

Research Students are not guaranteed enrollment in a Tokyo Tech graduate school. Individuals wishing to enroll in a graduate school should check with the Admissions Division prior to taking the entrance examination to ensure they meet the enrollment qualifications.

Intended for:

Privately funded undergraduates, graduates, or prospective graduates, including those who receive scholarships from foreign governments or companies

Research Students (Privately Funded) commencing in April 2024

Admission Date

April 1, 2024

Application Period

November 1-15, 2023

Deadline for Application

November 15, 2023 at 23:59 (JST)

Notification of Result

Late December

Application Procedures

Please follow the steps below to apply.

Before Application

Step 1. Gather information on Tokyo Tech websites

Find research fields of interest, and search for possible academic supervisors from our "STAR Search" engine.

Step 2. Contact an intended academic supervisor

Obtain a consent email/letter from your intended academic supervisor to be accepted to their lab. Submit your CV, transcripts, etc. as requested.

Step 3. Email a copy of the consent email/letter to the Student Division

Send a copy of the consent email/letter to the Student Division. You will then receive a URL and password to access the online application system.

Step 4. Prepare application documents

Prepare documents to be submitted by the applicant:

  • 1. Consent email/letter from Tokyo Tech faculty member
  • 2. Certificate of graduation from the applicant’s last school
  • 3. Academic transcript from the applicant’s last school
  • 4. Verification of application fee payment
  • 5. Application for Tokyo Tech student ID card
  • 6. A digital photo
  • 7. A copy of your residence card (if you reside in Japan)
  • 8. Set of documents required to apply for a COE

Application via Online System

Step 5. Complete the submission of application documents

Access the online application system with the URL and password provided by the Student Division. Fill out the online form and complete the submission of application documents.

Step 6. Application process is completed

The Student Division reviews applications and other documents, and notifies each applicant via email to confirm receipt of application.

Notification of Results

Step 7. Notification of results

The Student Division will notify results to all applicants by email.

Application, Enrollment Fees, and Tuition

Application Fee

JPY     9,800

Enrollment Fee

JPY   84,600

Tuition (for six months)

JPY 178,200