Polytechnique Montreal Winter Research Internship

Last Updated 2023/05/22


Tokyo Tech students will have the chance to work in laboratories at the cutting edge of technology and within an institution that is ranking among the top-3 Canadian Universities in terms of research intensity in the field of engineering.
More than 70 research projects are presented.


Students who satisfy the requirements below can apply. Students who receive MEXT scholarship are not eligible to apply.

1) Undergraduate studetns (3rd year or more), Master's course students, Doctoral students

2) Minimum GPA of 2.75 out of 4

3) Fluent in French or in English (no language proficiency test is required)

4) Specific skills required by the supervisor if any


Polytechnique Montréal


4 months. Applicants should choose from the options below. However, as a general rule, students who are scheduled to graduate from a bachelor's program and enroll in a master's program, or to complete a master's program and enroll in a doctoral program during the program are not eligible to apply.

2024-01-08 to 2024-05-06

2024-01-15 to 2024-05-13

2024-01-29 to 2024-05-27

2024-02-12 to 2024-06-10

2024-02-26 to 2024-06-24

Call for Application


Ask Study Abroad Information Center (ghrd.sien@jim.titech.ac.jp)


No participation fees



Application procedure

Please apply to both Tokyo Tech and Polytechnique Montréal as follows:

1)Application to Tokyo Tech by August 8, 2023

Upload an application form to this URL before deadline.

2)Application to Polytechnique Montréal by August 21, 2023

Apply from program website after applying to the Study Abroad Information Center.

Application documents include Letter of motivation, CV, Passport copy, academic transcript and proof of full-time enrollment at Tokyo Tech. Please get prepared well ahead of time.


Contact: Study Abroad Information Center

Mail Box: TP-004

Tel: 03-5734-3433

Polytechnique Montréal International



Application deadline to Study Abroad Information Center: August 8, 2023

Application deadline to Polytechnique Montréal: August 21, 2023


The selection result will be sent from Polytechnique Montréal by early September.

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