Infectious diseases

When you suffer from the infectious diseases, influenza, measles, rubella, tuberculosis, and so on, please report it to Health Service Center immediately.


Influenza is the respiratory infection caused by influenza virus. The incubation period is usually 1-4 days,(maximum 7days) and main symptoms are high fever, headache, cough, sore throat, running nose, joint pain and muscle pain. The systemic symptoms are more serious than common cold.

The infection situation in Tokyo Institute of Technology

Health service center provide an information of current situation of influenza in the campus every week.

Infectious gastroenteritis

The infectious gastroenteritis is caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Vomiting and diarrhea are main symptoms, outbreaks of viral gastroenteritis increase in winter. and especially norovirus infection is very countagious.

Dengue fever

Dengue fever is an acute febrile illness caused by the dengue virus. Main symptoms include high fever, headache, muscle pain, and skin rash.

Zika virus disease (Zika fever)

Zika fever is a disease caused by the Zika virus which belongs to the same genus as the dengue virus. Symptoms of Zika fever are similar to those of dengue fever, but milder. Not all infected people show symptoms, and some even may not realize they are infected because the symptoms are very mild.

Contact numbers

Ookayama Health Support Center 03-5734-2057, 2065
Suzukakedai Health Support Center 045-924-5107