Productive Leader Program

PLP Practice

On-site training during which students perform actual research and development at companies, etc. is counted as a Productive Leader Program (PLP) practice that is eligible for credit. Students can earn course credit(s) by doing a minimum of two weeks of practical research training at an overseas or domestic company, etc. (1, 2, or 4 credits depending on the content). The IIDP will pay a subsidy to defray the cost of training to the student's department, etc. While international students can receive credit(s) for participating in training in their home country (or any country in which they have citizenship), they cannot receive the subsidy. Students are also not permitted to take this course at the same time as other courses that offer credits. Please refer to the application guide below for details.

Course Registration and How You Earn Credits

Submit your application to:

IIDP Office (Ookayama Campus, South Bldg. 6, Rm 406)


Mailbox: S6-1

Doctoral Recurrent Program Advanced Practice

In this course (LAC.P661~665), working adult doctoral program students are required to demonstrate that they have acquired the necessary Graduate Attributes (GA) required by the university through work experience at their places of employment in order to obtain the necessary credits. Check the link below for details.

Course Registration and How You Earn Credits