Scholarship Opportunities Requiring a University Recommendation

Updated on March 16, 2021

Those who enroll in April 2021 can also register before enrollment.

1) About Scholarship Opportunities Requiring a University Recommendation

If you want to apply for scholarships requiring univeristy recommendation, you will have to register first.
The student support division will select a candidate from all registered student.

The registration will start in September every year and it is valid for 1 year. (until September the following year)

However please contact the Student Support Division when your student ID changes when you move on to Masters or Doctoral program.
New entry students can register before enrollment, but you will have to enter your Student ID.
You cannot register if you have not arrived to Japan yet. We accept registration anytime during the year so if you have not arrived yet, please register after your arrival.

2) How to apply

Applicaiton procedure

 1.Complete Online Registration from the Registration Form.

 2.Submit the "Registration Form for Privately Funded Scholarships(formPFS-1)" and other required documents to the Student Support Division.

 3.The Student Support Division will check your documents and complete the registration.

*The registration does not complete just by the online registraiton. Please be sure to submit the required documents to the Student Support Division.

Required documents

  •  ・2020 - 2021 Registration Form for Privately Funded Scholarships(Form PFS-1) PDF FilePDF
     ・Research Achievement Summary(Form PFS-2) PDF FilePDF Word FileWord
      (Only research acheivement between September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020.)

      ≪Other required documents≫
       ・A copy of the email you receive after online registration (All students)
       ・Copy of both sides of your Resident Card (All students)
       ・Copy of Japanese Proficiency Certification (Qualified students only)
       ・Academic transcript
          (Only students who entered in 2021 April.
           Not required if you finished the previous course at Tokyo Tech.)
       ・Copy of documents to prove your Research Achievement

Submission of required documents

Please submit by one of the following methods. (Submission by email is not accepted)

  ・Handing it in to the Student Support Divison
     (Ookayama Campus: Taki Plaza, Floor 1, or Suzukakedai Campus: J1 Bldg., Floor 1)
  ・By postal mail
     <Mailing address>
       Financial Aid Group, Student Support Division
       Tokyo Institute of Technology
       W8-102, 2-12-1 Ookayama, Meguro-ku,
       Tokyo, 152- 8550
       (On the envelope, please write "Registration for University Recommendation" in red.)

  We will not accept your documents if there are any missing documents.
  Please prepare all documents before submission.


3) Registration Schedule

2020-2021 Registration for Privately Funded Scholarships
From mid September 2020 to August 31, 2021

Registration period

During this period, recommended students will be selected in sequence according to the recruitment of private foundations, and the selected students will be contacted individually.

Registration is available until Augst 31. However, most of the application for scholarships for AY 2021 will end by the end of April. We will recommend you to submit all documents as soon as possible.Submitting early will increase the number of scholarships eligible for selection.

Those who enroll in April 2021 can also register before enrollment. You will have to enter your student ID for registration.

4) How to be assessed

Applicants will be ranked in accordance with the "Recommendation Criteria for Privately Funded Scholarships". We will decide on which applicants to recommend by referring to this ranking system and consider the eligibility of applicants in function of each different scholarship. We will inform you only if you are selected by the committee.

We cannot tell you when it will be, because it depends on each foundation's schedule. Please note that not all the applicants will be recommended, and that even applicants that are pre-selected to apply for a scholarship will not be successful in obtaining one. The scholarship foundations will assess the applications of candidates that are recommended by Tokyo Tech.

If you are not selected as a candidate, there wil be no notifications.

   ・Recommendation Criteria, Flow Chart, FAQ  PDF FilePDF
   ・List of the Private Scholarship Foundations with university's recommendation PDF FilePDF

5) Inquiry

Division in ChargeTel.E-mailLocation
Student Support Division
Financial Aid Group
03-5734-3014 Taki Plaza 1F