Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship

Scholarships to support international students' study in Japan are available through the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)

MEXT Scholarships

Overseas Recruitment
University Recommendation-SGU-
Domestic Recruitment
Embassy Recommendation
University Recommendation
Graduate-level students
Teacher Training students
Young Leaders' Program
(YLP) students
Undergraduate students
Japanese Studies students
* *
College of Technology students
Specialized Training College students

⚫*= accepted by Tokyo Tech / *= conducted by MEXT

There are two ways by which students may receive consideration for the MEXT Scholarship

One way is through an Embassy Recommendation, by which Japanese embassies and consulates (hereafter referred to as "Japanese embassies") recommend candidates for MEXT Scholarships. The other is through a University Recommendation, by which Tokyo Tech recommends candidates for MEXT Scholarships. Simultaneous recommendation for both of these types of scholarships is not allowed. Upon receiving recommendations from Japanese embassies and universities, MEXT shall make the final decision regarding recipients. Those selected to receive the MEXT Scholarship shall be provided with the following benefits.


- Graduate-level students
   <Non-degree students>
     Japanese Intensive Course Students and Research Students: 146,000 yen/month
   <Degree-seeking students>
     Master's Program Students: 147,000 yen/month
     Doctoral Program Students: 148,000 yen/month
- Undergraduate students: 120,000 yen/month

Stipends are subject to change as specified by the regulations of the MEXT Scholarship program.

MEXT scholarship students who enroll in April will receive the monthly stipend from April. Those who enroll in September will receive it from October.

Travel Expenses:

In accordance with MEXT regulations, each scholarship recipient will be provided with an economy class air ticket between the international airport closest to his/her place of residence in his/her country of nationality and Narita or Haneda International Airport. Insurance premiums for travel to/from Japan shall be borne by the recipient. The airport the recipient departs from or returns to must be an airport in the country of his/her nationality.

(1) University Recommendation (Research Student): Tokyo Tech will cover the airfare for only a set number of recipients in this category.

(2) University Recommendation (SGU): MEXT does not provide funding for travel to/from Japan for recipients in this category.

School Fees:

Application, admission and tuition fees shall be waived.

Embassy Recommendation

MEXT asks the Japanese embassies to recommend candidates for the MEXT Scholarship. Since application periods differ by country, those wishing to receive an Embassy recommendation should check with the Japanese embassy in their home country.

Those wishing to receive the MEXT Scholarship as undergraduate students should plan to arrive in Japan in April. Those wishing to receive the scholarship as graduate-level students should plan to arrive in Japan in either April or September. Graduate-level applicants to Tokyo Tech must obtain a "Letter of Acceptance" from a Tokyo Tech faculty member. After passing the first round of screening at a Japanese embassy, scholarship candidates should contact a Tokyo Tech faculty member as soon as possible to ask for a "Letter of Acceptance". This "Letter of Acceptance" confirms that the Tokyo Tech faculty member will act as the candidate's academic supervisor should the candidate be accepted for the MEXT Scholarship. Candidates can find potential Tokyo Tech academic supervisors and their contact details in the STAR Search database (the Tokyo Tech researchers' database) on the Tokyo Tech website.

Graduate-level students selected for the MEXT Scholarship through Embassy Recommendations are accepted at Tokyo Tech as Japanese Intensive Course Students and will attend the Japanese Intensive Course for the first six months after arrival in Japan. (Those selected through Chinese Embassy Recommendation, ASCOJA, the Ministry of Railways in India are an exception).

Graduate-level students from China, who are selected for the MEXT Scholarship through Embassy Recommendations, will enter Tokyo Tech as Research Students. Generally, those students will attend a one-year preparatory course in basic and specialized Japanese language at the Preparatory School for Chinese Students to Japan, taught at the Northeast Normal University of China, before coming to Japan. Students who already have adequate Japanese language skills may be able to take only the specialized Japanese language course at the Preparatory School in China, or they may be permitted to enter Tokyo Tech as Research Students without taking any preparatory courses.

Graduate-level MEXT scholarship students recommended through ASCOJA will take the Japanese language preparatory course at Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center for six months. Then, they will enter Tokyo Tech as Research Students or may be eligible to apply for the entrance examination to enroll in Tokyo Tech's master's / doctoral program for September at earliest.

Graduate-level MEXT scholarship students recommended through the Ministry of Railways, India are eligible to apply for the IGP (C) entrance examination to enroll in Tokyo Tech's master's program in either April or September in a designated year.

Japanese Intensive Course Students or Research Students passing the screening examination during their studies or research at Tokyo Tech may enroll in a master's or doctoral program in either September or April.

Undergraduate students are required to study in a preparatory school, either at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies or Osaka University, for one year prior to admission to Tokyo Tech, and may enroll in April of the following year if they pass the Special Screening Examination for International Undergraduate Students administered by Tokyo Tech.

University Recommendation (Undergraduate, Research Student, Graduate)

Tokyo Tech will recommend for the MEXT Scholarship academically outstanding individuals who are considered to be in need of a scholarship. Individuals who are coming to Japan to study at Tokyo Tech as Research Students, Undergraduate (GSEP), or degree-seeking graduate-level students (International Graduate Program (A) Overseas Application) are eligible for Tokyo Tech's recommendation.

Note: Prospective students cannot apply for both the (1) Research Student Program and the (2) International Graduate Program (A) at the same time.

(1) Research Student Program
Tokyo Tech is not recruiting applications from those wishing to be recommended for the 2021 MEXT Scholarship (Research Students, non-degree) under the University Recommendation scheme.

(2) International Graduate Program (A)
Students enroll directly in the Tokyo Tech International Graduate Program's Degree Courses (Integrated Doctoral Education Program, master's program or doctoral program). Enrollment is in September. In the case of the Integrated Doctoral Education Program, the scholarship period, from the time of enrollment, is for two years (for obtaining a master's degree), and that period can be extended, under certain conditions, for students who pursue a doctoral degree.

(3) Global Scientists and Engineers Program (GSEP)
The GSEP is an undergraduate academic program for a four-year Bachelor of Engineering degree. Students enroll in the Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering at the School of Environment and Society in April.

University Recommendation -SGU-

During the period of implementation of the "Top Global University Project", applicants with outstanding academic records who have applied to regular graduate programs at Tokyo Tech are eligible to apply for the University Recommendation -SGU-. The number of awards is very limited.

MEXT Scholarship (University Recommendation -SGU-) students who enroll in April will receive the monthly stipend from April to the following March (12 months). Those who enroll in September will receive the monthly stipend from October to the following March (6 months). Funding for travel to/from Japan is not provided through scholarship awards made in this category.

Students receiving this MEXT Scholarship (University Recommendation -SGU-) may be able to extend the scholarship period after necessary procedures and screenings.

Please check the following links for updates on eligibility and procedures:

For Students
For applicants
For students newly coming to Japan
For faculty members


Based on MEXT rules requiring that MEXT Scholarship recipients receive their education and conduct research at the university which recommended them, those who obtain a MEXT Scholarship through Tokyo Tech's University Recommendation cannot enter or transfer to another university.

Domestic Recruitment

Privately-financed International students at Tokyo Tech who proceed to Graduate Programs or Master's/Doctoral Programs as regular students are eligible to apply for the MEXT Scholarship (Domestic Recruitment). The MEXT Scholarship (Domestic Recruitment) may not be offered every year.

Eligibility and Requirements for MEXT Scholarships

Please see individual application guidelines for more information:

Research Student Program
International Graduate Program (A)
Global Scientists and Engineers Program (GSEP)
University Recommendation -SGU-


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