Welcome to Tokyo Tech

President Yoshinao Mishima

President Mishima's Welcome Message to New Students

I am certain that you all have high expectations for the new challenges awaiting you. Tokyo Tech is the best sci-tech university in Japan and aims to be one of the world's top 10 research universities. Through distinguished education and research, the Institute continues to cultivate world leaders in science and technology.

New students will first acquire basic academic skills in the fields of science and engineering. Building on that, you will specialize and then expand out from your expertise, developing interests in related fields and gaining broader insights into science and technology. Additionally, you will be exposed to the liberal arts and acquire a high-level of English proficiency so that you will be able to communicate with people in different fields from various cultures as future global leaders.

However, you will not be able to acquire all these skills and knowledge, if you are not proactive. Push yourself and above all, take the opportunity to study abroad. You should contemplate your future and make the most of your time at Tokyo Tech. The important things are your desire to improve yourself and to be proactive. As a Tokyo Tech student, embrace challenge with spirit, enthusiasm and the confidence to realize your dreams. I look forward to seeing the remarkable growth of each of you at the Institute.