Establishment of Tokyo Tech's six new Schools

Establishment of Tokyo Tech's six new Schools

April 2016 will mark the inauguration of a new education system at Tokyo Tech. Undergraduate and graduate schools will be joined as Schools, a first in Japan. Seamless transitions from bachelor's to master's and master's to doctoral programs will offer a wider range of options to choose from based on students' future goals, and will enable them to better plan their path from entrance to graduation. Degrees will be conferred upon completion of each degree program as before. Read on for a brief overview of each School.

Overview of six Schools to be inaugurated in April 2016

School of Science

Searching for truth and creating knowledge

The School of Science provides opportunities for students to gain specialized knowledge and creativity in the field of natural science, inherit and develop a culture of wisdom, obtain flexible and logical thought, and gain ability to communicate effectively in order to contribute to the progress of society. Based on fundamental academic knowledge, logical thinking, and practical scientific skills presented in classes carefully designed to provide meaningful experiments and hands-on training, the School produces scientific talents who can identify global issues, develop solutions, and contribute to innovation and creation of new value which future society demands.

School of Engineering

Developing new industries and civilization

Through a wide range of structured classes, the School of Engineering enhances ability of students to identify and address the increasingly diverse and complex, unknown or unsolved problems that modern-day society faces, utilizing knowledge in science and technology and judgment adapted to the times. Graduates of the School of Engineering are expected to conform to the changes in society and technology, to learn to apply their engineering wisdom beyond the boundaries of science and technology to broad society, and to contribute to sustainable growth of society and human beings, with high intelligence and sophistication, broad perspectives and deep thoughts.

School of Materials and Chemical Technology

Integrating the fields of science and engineering

The School of Materials and Chemical Technology strives to sustain the affluence of nature and contribute to the happiness of society by developing creative solutions to a wide range of problems, utilizing insight into the characteristics and reactions of substances, and the application of innovative materials. Students gain basic knowledge in materials and applied chemistry as they develop logical thought and become capable of contributing to the development of an environmentally conscious society through the broad application of their intellectual ability and leadership skills in science and engineering at a global level.

School of Computing

Creating the future of the information society

The School's goal in education and research is to develop advanced software technologies, novel algorithms, and innovative applications of information technologies based on fundamental theories and techniques in mathematical and computing science, computer science, and artificial intelligence. The School of Computing educates students to solve real-world problems through the flexible and sophisticated application of knowledge and technology, and to play globally active roles by utilizing their individual abilities and communication skills.

School of Life Science and Technology

Clarifying complex and diverse biological phenomena

The School of Life Science and Technology exposes students to fundamental knowledge in the fields of science and engineering, focusing on the life sciences and technology. Students develop problem-solving abilities and an ethical outlook that contribute to the progress of this academic discipline, and study the mechanisms of biological phenomena and the application of engineering to enhance the intelligence of all humanity.

School of Environment and Society

Constructing and protecting environments on local and global scales

The School of Environment and Society systematically provides students with both basic and advanced professional knowledge and technology in science and engineering, focusing on maintaining the security of the social environment, improving the living environment, while protecting the natural environment — all from a global perspective. Students receive detailed knowledge and a rich education which provides a broad international perspective and deep thinking ability, with emphasis on applying those skills in management and leadership through cooperation between disciplines. The School nurtures human resources who can apply and develop knowledge from the social sciences and humanities to broad fields of the environment and society for the purpose of maintaining the social infrastructures necessary for humanity's safety and the advance of cultural lifestyles, and thus contribute to the sustainable development of humanity and society.


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Published: June 2015