International Graduate Program

Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) launched its International Graduate Program in 2007. In this program, students can pursue advanced studies in English. Students undertake specialized education in fields related to issues of global interest while also studying Japanese culture and language.


For many years, Tokyo Institute of Technology has admitted international students and provided them with the highest standard of education. Based on past experiences, the university launched "the International Graduate Program" in 2007 to provide opportunities to pursue advanced studies leading to Ph.D. degrees, or Master's degrees in some cases, in English (except the Tokyo Tech-Tsinghua University Joint Graduate Program, which is in Japanese and Chinese). The students are selected internationally with priority given to graduates or students of Tokyo Institute of Technology's partner universities with which Tokyo Institute of Technology has concluded exchange agreements. Of those students selected, outstanding students are chosen to be awarded Japanese government scholarships.

The study fields span various subjects in science and technology, many of which are related to issues of global interest. The students are given an opportunity to study and conduct research under the supervision of faculty members instructing outside departmental boundaries. Besides scientific and technological research, Japanese language courses from introductory to advanced levels and classes on Japanese culture are also provided. The courses and classes aim to facilitate and enhance their quality of life in Japan and prepare them for work or future opportunities in Japan.


  • Sustainable Engineering Program
  • Postgraduate Program for Multinational Architects in Conjunction with Engineering and Urban Design
  • International Graduate Program for Bioscience and Biotechnology
  • International Program for Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering
  • Education Program of Advanced Information Technology Leaders
  • International Graduate Program for Global Leaders on Engineering Systems with Humanities, Social Sciences, and Cultural Studies
  • International Program on Earthquake Engineering
  • Tokyo Tech-Tsinghua University Joint Graduate Program
  • Tokyo Tech-RIKEN International School

International Graduate Program (Degree)

International Graduate Program