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Welcome to Tokyo Tech 2019

Welcome to Tokyo Tech 2019

Kazuya Masu

Congratulations to all the new students joining Tokyo Tech!

Tokyo Tech is a buzzing hub that attracts the world's leading science and technology researchers, experts in the liberal arts, and active, passionate, resolute students who boldly embrace any challenge. As the newest members of the Institute, you have just embarked on a unique journey of discovery on which you will share valuable knowledge and experiences with the diverse community around you.

Science and technology is developing at an incredible rate, and this development is rapidly changing the world and shaping our future. However, as Tokyo Tech students, you now have the opportunity to make the future a better one. Pursue your research passions, seek creative solutions by working together with the talent surrounding you, and never fear failure. Enjoy your Tokyo Tech experience to the fullest!

Once again, congratulations, and a warm welcome to you all.

Kazuya Masu

President, Tokyo Tech

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Newly accepted students expressed their joy and determination on placards at Ookayama Campus.

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The Tokyo Tech community sends warm congratulations to all new students as they begin an exciting new chapter in their lives.


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Published: April 2019


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