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Welcome to Tokyo Tech 2022

You're the lead — You create your student life

Welcome to Tokyo Tech 2022 Welcome to Tokyo Tech 2022

Congratulations to all incoming Tokyo Tech students!
Welcome to everyone joining Team Tokyo Tech.

This is your first time in university life. Learning, campus life, extracurricular activities — many possibilities await you. At Tokyo Tech, you are the lead player. What will you think about the many possibilities? How will you take them on? What's important is that you are ready to decide for yourself.

There are many support systems available. Faculty and staff members, and senior students are available to coordinate and help you in a way that works for you. Use these resources to enjoy a fruitful student life!

Resolving incoming students' questions — "What to do when ..." "I want to ..."

01 Making your course plan and advancing your studies

  • Do I make all the decisions on what courses to register for?
  • How, specifically, do I go about making the decision?
  • I want to make sure I have a good plan ready.

AnswerCourse plan and course registration

Each student is responsible for their own course plan and course registration. Check the regulations for completion and required credits, then make your plan accordingly.
First, check the Study Guide. Check information such as credits that are required by your department, and look at the Study Guide for each course to clearly understand the courses that are required.
Undergraduate Timetables lists the time for each course. Class content can be found in the syllabus (TOKYO TECH OCW). Make sure of the schedule as you make your course plan.
Course registration is done on the Web system for Students and Faculty. Check the notices about course registration and be sure to register before the deadline.
Classes for some courses have been assigned in advance. Check your Notification of Class Affiliation for the class you will be attending. Note that each course requires different classes.
Don't forget to attend the orientation for your school.

AnswerAcademic advisors

Two academic advisors (faculty members) will be assigned to each student. They consider your registration for courses, your grades, and other circumstances related to your studies and provide detailed support, whether it be consultation about your studies and your learning or career path, or guidance.

AnswerStudent life coaches

Faculty and staff members are available to consult about your study plan, how to register for courses, and any other concerns about student life. Feel free to ask about anything concerning student life that you don't understand.
See the page below on how to use this student life consultation service.

Student life coaches

AnswerPeer support

Your seniors who are still current students are available to consult about classes or student life, and they have resources prepared. Some peer supporters are international students. They are available anytime, but more consultation events are held at the beginning of a term. See the page below for details.

Peer support

02 Keeping up with information on campus life

  • There's so much I don't get. Where can I look for information?
  • Please tell me how to keep up with information on campus life.

AnswerAnnouncements page for current students

Announcements for students are posted here. The latest information of all sorts is collected on this page.

AnswerBulletin boards on campus

Paper bulletins are posted on bulletin boards on campus. Bulletin boards are in front of the wood deck at the Ookayama Campus and in two locations at the Suzukakedai Campus — Suzukakedori open space and J1 Building first floor lobby.

Bulletin boards on campus

AnswerStudent life coach official LINE account(Japanese only)

Information on student life is published twice a month. The creation and publication are done by Tokyo Tech students who are peer life coaches. Sign up to get useful information selected from students' perspectives.

Student life coach official LINE account(Japanese only)

03 Acquiring an international vantage point

  • I want to improve my language ability, and I want to study overseas.
  • I want to acquire an international vantage point while I'm in the bachelor's degree program.

AnswerInternational exchange hub: Hisao & Hiroko Taki Plaza (Taki Plaza)

A student exchange hub that was completed on Ookayama Campus in 2021. It is the hub for all Tokyo Tech students for exchange with other students, to get information necessary for student life, and to test out their ideas.

International exchange hub: Hisao & Hiroko Taki Plaza (Taki Plaza)

AnswerStudy Abroad Information Center and Study Abroad Support Service

Come to the Study Abroad Information Center to get information on study abroad programs and scholarships.
Study Abroad Support Service provides advice on a variety of topics including study abroad programs, selecting where and when to study abroad, and preparing to study abroad.

AnswerForeign Language Advisory Center

Faculty members affiliated with the Foreign Languages Section of the Institute for Liberal Arts are available to consult for anything concerning studying foreign languages, such as "I want to get better grades in my foreign language class," "What are some study methods I can try on my own?" and "I want to know more about electives in foreign languages."

AnswerNihongo Space (Japanese section for international students)

The space is available for getting advice on studying Japanese, getting Japanese proofread, having Japanese conversation practice with Japanese students or senior international students, and many other needs. It has a relaxed, inviting atmosphere.

AnswerEnglish Café / Multilingual chat room

Join casual sessions for conversation with native speakers of foreign languages. Your hosts will be faculty members of English Language Courses of the Foreign Language Section of the Institute for Liberal Arts or peer life coaches who are international students. Training your speaking skills is not the only benefit. You can learn cultures and get to know international students.

Details such as dates are posted on announcements for current students.

04 Designing your career — further studies and employment

  • How do I advance to master's or doctoral programs?
  • What sort of companies do Tokyo Tech students get employed by, and how do they make their mark?
  • How can I prepare for what I want to do in the future?

AnswerCareer counseling

"Should I advance to graduate school?" "In what jobs can I make use of my specialty?" "How can I work to the full as a researcher?" "How do I fill out the 'entry sheet' application forms?" Whether you have minor questions or you don't know what to do, a career advisor will help with what you need.

Career counseling

AnswerEnglish guidebook for job hunting in Japan

How Tokyo Tech international students can conduct their job-hunting activities, how past graduates got hired, job-hunting assistance events, points to keep in mind when job hunting for international students — everything about job-hunting activities in Japan can be found in this one guidebook. The booklet is available at Career Information Room on Floor B1 of Taki Plaza at the Ookayama campus and on Floor 1 of Library at the Suzukakedai campus.

05 Participating in extracurricular activities

  • I want to experience more in my campus life.
  • I want to try participating in extracurricular activities.

AnswerStudent organizations

Working your mind and body, honing your skills, and putting knowledge of your specialized field into use. To encourage students to make their campus lives more meaningful with student organizations, Wednesday afternoons are set aside for student organizations.


Volunteer activities are opportunities to contribute to society, and they offer valuable experience that cannot be gained just by studying at the Institute. You should be able to find a volunteer activity where you can put your talents or what you enjoy to great use.
Information on where volunteers are wanted are posted on the page below.

AnswerPeer life coaches

As student assistants of the Student Life Coach Consultation Office, Student Success Support Section, Student Support Center, these seniors provide support on student life with the goal of having incoming students smoothly adapt to university life and carry on student life independently.

Counseling services for students

If you need any help, please feel free to contact the following help desks.

Student Guidance Room

Student Guidance Room

Faculty advisors from various affiliations and psychologies can provide counseling on any of your concerns from school work to career pathways to even personal and private issues. Please visit our webpage to see how to apply for counseling.

Telephone Consultation Service

Telephone Consultation Service

Former Tokyo Tech professors with an array of experiences helping students from different backgrounds can give advice on how to choose and follow a career path that is best suited for you. This counseling is confidential and can be achieved by phone or email. The following webpage introduces the advisors.

Health Support Center

The center provides professional support so that you can perform in your studies and research and lead a healthy, bright campus life. When you feel physically unwell, and to find information on mental health and counseling, see the pages below.

Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services

No matter what type of concern you may have – whether developmental, mental, or physical, our coordinators will help you reach all necessary support. Please feel free to talk with them if there is anything affecting your school life. Please check the website for more information.

If you've made use of the support systems described so far and have resolved your questions and worries, take the next step. Take initiative to participate in self-driven activities.

To express the voice of students and give it real form — Student survey

Student Survey 2020 proposal presented to president

The Tokyo Tech student survey takes place once every two years, but it’s more than just simple survey.
Student staff take the lead in determining the survey content, creating the questions, and aggregating and analyzing the results. They then distill the results into a proposal and present it to the Institute president. The Institute takes this proposal and works on its response and improvements.
Throughout this process, students interact with faculty and staff members, and both parties explore the possibility of fulfilling students' wishes and requests.
Many proposals have been implemented over the years — inviting food trucks, instituting authorized absences, making administrative tasks available online — and have improved the Institute's operations from the viewpoint of its students.
Institute-wide surveys are an important communication tool in the ongoing development and promotion of Team Tokyo Tech.

Message from the Student Support Center Director

Tetsuji Okamura, Director of the Student Support Center

One of the educational goals of Tokyo Tech is to cultivate goal-driven leaders who take on challenges. To accomplish this, support for students was designed with two core roles; to encourage students who are taking on challenges and to support students who need help.
For this reason, the Student Support Center has two sections.
The first, the Student Success Support Section, fills the role of responding to the many wishes and expectations of students. This includes offering study support from student life coaches, hosting events for exchange between international students and Japanese students, referring students to study programs and experiences abroad, and providing support for job hunting and careers. In student initiative support, dedicated faculty members follow up on the Student Survey and volunteering, and in peer support, senior students offer a variety of consultations.
The second, the Student Guidance and Accessibility Section, fills the role of assisting with the daily needs and concerns of students. Dedicated faculty members are available in the Student Guidance Room, former faculty members can be consulted through the Telephone Consultation Service, and students with disabilities can find assistance through Student Accessibility Services. If you find it hard to ask people around you for help, please don't hesitate to contact us.
We have many points of contact that coordinate with each other while respecting confidentiality. We have established a system in which we can guide students to the best point of contact depending on their needs or concerns. Since the 2021 academic year, the heads of both sections have been professors who are dedicated and possess much knowledge and experience in student support. We plan to further improve the quality of support by strengthening cooperation with outside the Institute.
To all new students: if there is anything you do not understand in university life or anything that worries or troubles you, do not hesitate to come to us. However, we will not be able to solve your problems for you. The Institute's policy is to educate students so that they learn and think for themselves. We hope that you will overcome whatever hurdles on your own and be able to take on a variety of challenges.

Tetsuji Okamura, Director of the Student Support Center

Tokyo Tech Fund

Activities and a study environment are supported by Tokyo Tech Fund

Tokyo Institute of Technology Fund


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