Exchange Programs under Tuition Waiver

Updated January 14, 2020

Tokyo Tech supports various opportunities for students to study abroad.

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Exchange Program

As part of international exchange activities supported by Tokyo Institute of Technology, we are accepting applications from students to study at overseas universities under tuition waiver agreements.
* Application is NOW OPEN for 2020 Autumn semester (Departure period: between July to December 2020) *

Application Guidelines for the International Exchange Program

Under Tuition Waiver Agreements for Academic Year 2020/2021

Admission Qualifications
●Must be a student of the Institute during the program.
●Must start the program between July 1 and December 31, 2020 and duration should be one or more semesters (of the host institution) up to one year.
● Must be a privately-funded student in a degree program if you are an international student. Please note that an application to study in your home country will only be accepted if it is deemed necessary for conducting research.
● An application from a student (including international students) on leave will be accepted under the following conditions:
- Applicant will re-enroll at the Institute by the time of departure.
- Applicant is able to provide documents proving his/her ability to re-enroll at the Institute by the time of departure.
Required Documents
Application GuidelinesPDF
List Of Partner Universities (updates are indicated in red.) PDF
Tokyo Tech concluded new agreement between following universities.
> National Chiao Tung University/ Taiwan
> Asian Institute of Technology/ Thailand
> Grenoble Institute of Engineering/ France

【Required documents】

Exchange Program Application Form(Form 1)EXCELxls
Essay Form for Tokyo Tech Exchange Program(Form 2)WORDword
Study Plan (Form 3)EXCELxls
Student Evaluation Form (Form 4) WORDword
Pledge (Form 5)WORDword
Academic Transcript(s)
For undergraduate students: a copy of your undergraduate transcript
For graduate students: a copy of your undergraduate AND graduate transcripts
Note: If you transferred to Tokyo Tech, submit a transcript from previous university(ies) you enrolled.
Please bring a copy of 教務web for first and second quarter's academic records, when it is shown.
A copy of the official results of a language proficiency test (TOEFL, IELTS, or French/German/Chinese language tests)
For applicants, who is planning to research at a lab, are required to submit any evidence documents showing that you are contacting with professors/supervisors of host university. (e.g. emails, acceptance letter...)

Your application documents must be:
● brought directly to the International Student Exchange Division
(Ookayama Campus, South Bldg. 6, 3 Fl., Room 308)
● sent by campus mail to: Mailbox S6-7

For the 2nd round: February 4th (Tue) 15:00
*Application documents will not be accepted after the stated deadline.
Interview schedule
For the 2nd round: February 12th (Wed), AM

*Please keep your schedule open for the possible interview.
*Reschedule and request is not acceptable.