Undergraduate Timetables (AY2016)

Undergraduate school program list of syllabus - 2016 Fall Semester (3rd and 4th Quarter)

Liberal arts and basic science courses

Core courses

For students who enroll before 2015
For required credits towards your graduation, please refer to the Undergraduate school study guide of your year of admission.


Academic Group
First Academic Group
Second Academic Group
Third Academic Group
Fourth Academic Group
Fifth Academic Group
Sixth Academic Gropup
Seventh Academic Group
School of Science
Information Science
Earth and Planetary Sciences
School of Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Organic and Polymeric Materials
Inorganic Materials
Chemical Engineering (Chemical Engineering Course)
Chemical Engineering (Applied Chemistry Course)
Polymer Chemistry
Mechanical Engineering and Science
Mechanical and Intelligent Systems Engineering
Mechano-Aerospace Engineering
International Development Engineering
Control and Systems Engineering
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Computer Science
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Architecture and Building Engineering
Social Engineering
School of Bioscience and Biotechnology
School of Science
Undergraduate major in Mathematics
Undergraduate major in Physics
Undergraduate major in Chemistry
Undergraduate major in Earth and Planetary Sciences
School of Engineering
School of Engineering
Undergraduate major in Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate major in Systems and Control Engineering
Undergraduate major in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Undergraduate major in Information and Communications Engineering
Undergraduate major in Industrial Engineering and Economics
School of Materials and Chemical Technology
Undergraduate major in Materials Science and Engineering
Undergraduate major in Chemical Science and Engineering
School of Computing
Undergraduate major in Mathematical and Computing Science
Undergraduate major in Computer Science
School of Life Science and Technology
Undergraduate major in Life Science and Technology
School of Environment and Society
Undergraduate major in Architecture and Building Engineering
Undergraduate major in Civil and Environmental Engineering
Undergraduate major in Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering

Undergraduate school program list of syllabus - 2016 Spring Semester (1st and 2nd Quarter) -

Liberal arts and basic science courses

Core courses (former curriculum)

* The lists of "Core courses (former curriculum)" shows courses continuously offered from FY2015 or before.

Core courses (new curriculum)


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