Sharing Tokyo Tech Quality

Tokyo Tech Quality

As momentum and enthusiasm surrounding Tokyo Tech's new endeavor continue to build, the Institute is experiencing a strong feeling of unanimity and congruity. A shared vision for continued excellence has become ever clearer in recent months.

"Enhancing Tokyo Tech Education and Research Quality through Administrative Reforms for Internationalization" was selected as a Type A Top Global University Project by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in October 2014. Tokyo Tech held a symposium in January 2015 to commemorate the commencement of the project and officially introduce its content to the public.

A global hub of knowledge and talent

Kickoff Symposium Kickoff Symposium

Then-President Yoshinao Mishima began the symposium by sharing the core principles of the project. Tokyo Tech has more than 130 years of tradition in producing outstanding leaders and excellent research results in the field of science and technology. Mishima emphasized that with faculty and staff members all united, the Institute will continue this tradition by further enhancing its quality, Tokyo Tech Quality, the result of lasting hands-on education based on advanced research. The Institute aims to share Tokyo Tech Quality with the world and become a global hub of knowledge and talent in science and technology.

Guest speakers from the world's top universities also introduced their initiatives for achieving administrative excellence to improve overall education and research, and shared views regarding the importance of maximizing learning opportunities through online education platforms. The symposium concluded with a panel discussion on university education in the global era. The panelists, together with the Tokyo Tech community, confirmed the Institute's strengths and achievements, and shared the sentiment of unity and excitement in spreading Tokyo Tech Quality throughout the globe.

Then-President Yoshinao Mishima Then-President Yoshinao Mishima
Panel Discussion Panel Discussion

Continued education and research excellence

Under the inspiring leadership of the president, Tokyo Tech has already initiated its administrative reforms through organizational changes, streamlining of its human resources, and innovation of its education and research systems. Strategies to improve infrastructure, internationalize personnel, and optimize finances will be managed by a unit reporting directly to the president, leading to smoother, more efficient decision-making and systematic organizational assessment. This unit will function as the central organization that drives university strategy even after MEXT financial support ends, ensuring that development of education and research excellence continues.

In terms of education reforms, Tokyo Tech's goal is to provide students with the flexibility to design their own studies and therefore maximize their potential on the global stage. Learning outcomes will be tuned with the world's top universities for greater student mobility. The Institute is investing into improved educational facilities, cutting-edge technologies, and active learning spaces to provide students with the best possible environment. Resources are being devoted to professional development programs for faculty members to facilitate more globally tuned curricula and more diverse student populations. International collaboration with the world's top universities is steadily increasing.


Through its world-class education and research, the Institute continues to contribute to global society by sharing Tokyo Tech Quality. With all faculty and staff members, students, and partners united, Tokyo Tech is excited about building a world together.

Overview of the Tokyo Tech Top University Project Overview of the Tokyo Tech Top University Project

Tokyo Tech's Education Reform

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Published: May 2015


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