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Education and research are top priorities at Tokyo Tech, but community outreach is also of great importance to the Institute. Tokyo Tech professors regularly engage diverse audiences by hosting open lectures and discussions on cutting-edge research and the Museum frequently shares it collections with the public in various ways. Additionally, during the summer break numerous events are scheduled for elementary through high school students to introduce them to science and Tokyo Tech, the best sci-tech university in Japan.

Further information about the following events (provided in the links below) is only available in Japanese at this time.

Tatsuzo Shimaoka Collection at Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art

The Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art in Tochigi is displaying Tatsuzo Shimaoka's works of art, the Nakazawa Collection owned by Tokyo Tech's Museum, until July 21. The late Tatsuzo Shimaoka graduated from Tokyo Tech in the Ceramic Engineering Department (the Department of Inorganic Materials today) and was designated a Living National Treasure. Shimaoka was awarded honorary citizenship by Mashiko Town and the exhibition commemorates this event.

Tatsuzo Shimaoka Collection (Museum's Digital Collections)

Public Lectures by Young Scientists for High School Students

Four lectures to be given by leading Tokyo Tech researchers are scheduled between July 23 and August 2 at the Ookayama Campus. The presenters are all grant recipients in JSPS's Funding Program for Next Generation World-Leading Researchers. The four researchers will talk about their research and future visions. Seating capacity is 100 for each lecture and will be first-come, first-served.

The Invitation to Bioscience and Biotechnology (registration closed)

The 21st Special Lecture for High School Students will be held at the Suzukakedai Campus on July 25 and 26. This is an opportunity to get a taste of bioscience and biotechnology.

The Forefront of Physics on July 27: The 20th Public Lecture for High School Students

Physics is the uniform study of various phenomena ranging from the submicroscopic world to the origin of the universe. This lecture aims to allow high school students to experience the vanguard of physics and spur their interest in it through laboratory visits following the lecture. High school teachers are also welcome to attend. Registration is required and will be first-come, first-served.

2013 Lecture for Female High School Students on August 2

This lecture on cutting-edge research will be supplemented by an informational session about admission and female students at Tokyo Tech.
Registration is required and will be first-come, first-served.

Campus Tour for Individuals on August 8 and 26 (registration closed)

Current Tokyo Tech students will give campus tours to prospective high school students. The highlights of the tour include the Museum and Centennial Hall, the Institute Library, and the University Co-op Shop.

Play with the Earth 2013 on August 22

Play with the Earth is a laboratory class for 5th- and 6th-year elementary school children. Students will use minerals and microscopes during the class and remove Bolivian fossils from rocks. Registration is required and will be first-come, first-served. (registration closed)

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Published: July 2013


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